If You Ever Wanted To Live In
The Guide Culture Bubble,
Now You Can.

First, let me know if this sounds familiar since you've graduated from GUIDE Culture:

        • You miss the Guide Culture Bubble 💔

        • You’re suddenly SO AWARE of all the people not-GC woke… and it’s hard. 🧐

        • You feel whiplashed because you’re bombarded with training from other people 👩🏽‍🏫

        • The information seems to be fading away 💭

        • You need a structured, flexible way to maintain GC skills

        We have something just for you!

        See, for most GC graduates, Guide Culture becomes their software.

        Are you an Apple user? If you are, you get it.

        If you don’t… you’re probably wondering… what makes their products so special?

        It’s their software.

        Their software is nearly perfected. It’s always running in the background. It’s what you’re investing in.

        Maybe you feel like GUIDE Culture is YOUR software - always running in the background.

        • you react with confidence in difficult conversations

        • you talk about your business with poise and clarity

        • you create a family and work culture that is supportive and agreeable

        It’s a huge part of what makes you so valuable - because you’ve invested in software, you and your services can be seen as valuable as they truly are.

        People WANT to be associated with Apple because it’s valuable. They want to open their computers in the airport.


        They care for their computers more intentionally. They are proud to rep an apple sticker on their car… based on what it represents: VALUE.

        Hopefully, that’s how you feel about yourself. You are proud to represent what you do and what you stand for.

        But here’s the thing about GREAT software...

        It needs to be updated

        The difference here is, YOUR update can’t happen overnight.

        And that's why we're excited to announce the
        Guide Culture Academy

        Here's what you'll get

        • GC content deep dive ($2,000)

          For each topic discussed in GC, there will be an in depth look into the concepts so you can fully grasp and apply it to your life.

          THINK: prospecting, creating content, and selling in DMs more effectively. Best part? If you want more teaching on a certain topic, we hear you and it may just show up in your vault.


        • Monthly labs ($1,500)

          As a GC graduate, we know you love labs, it’s the thing that we get the most consistent positive feedback on and for GC academy members, we’ve decided to do monthly labs with us. Because you guys are graduates (and we speak the same language), we can go so much deeper so much faster, and that’s why we are so excited to do these calls personally.

        • Updated GC online training 2x per year ($7,794)

          You will always have the latest version of GC training in your vault.

          If you are the kind of person that loves to have the latest version of the iPhone - it’s like that, but better.


        • Text the GC team

          There will be a designated space to ask questions regarding how you're using GC in your life.

          These will be answered directly in the portal or on a video in the vault.


        • Ask guest expert spotlight trainings: ($500-$1,500 per expert)

          You are in a business where different skills may be needed (i.e. copywriting, prospecting, email marketing, passive income coaching) and you will be able to have intimate access to these experts dropped directly into your vault.


        • GUIDE Culture Living Room

          Come cozy up with us in our home. Connect, chat, collaborate with your fellow GC woke students. A place to squeeze all the juice and learn from each other.


        • Searchable trainings in a study vault on any topic you’re currently focused on

          Picture this: the GUIDE Culture version of a google search bar - HEYYYYYY!

          What Students Are Saying About
          Culture Guide Academy

          “The training alone helps me as a business owner and wife. I also want continuous access and special training. Being around like-minded people who want to refine their skills was something I was looking for and I found that in GC.”

          - Lindsay

          “I’ll take GC every year for the rest of my life.”

          - Gina

          “Now that I have the foundation of GC, Academy is a great option to dive deeper, get more content and GROW. In a safe space with like-minded people… not to mention those people are next level.”


          - Katie

          Because GC Academy is Brand New

          • And it’s what YOU have been asking for…


          • We want to invite YOU to join us as a Founding Member.


          • Tuition for GC Academy is on a yearly basis - and the value of everything you get is easily over $10,000.


          • Tuition will be $5000/year for members that join in the future…


          • But because you’re a GC graduate, we want to invite you to join as a Founding


          • Member...and lock in a super-low price of just 12 payments of $297 (or $2997 if you pay your tuition in full - save $567!!!)


          • And - truly - this is just the starting point.

          The opportunity to jump on board as a founding member is open for a limited amount of time and the reason is we are working hard to get all of the training set up and once we have that ready we will go live and raise the price.

          (Registration will open at the end of April)

          You know that your sustained effort is just as important if not MORE important than your talent, which is why this is a year long commitment.

          We cannot wait to walk alongside you for an entire 12 months. It’s gonna be gooooooooood.

          “Your entire life really can change in a year.”

          Why You Want It Now...

          • This is the lowest price Academy will ever be.


          • You’ll have all the juicy things at your fingertips as the founding member price and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you.


          • And as Darius Rucker 🎸would say, “it won’t be like this for long”. But, just like everything else in GUIDE Culture, once you’re in - you’re in.


          Right now you have a choice...

          You can stay on the outside and bounce between courses, trainings, and programs trying to piece together something that works, while deep down you know it’s missing the GC magic.


          You can join us in the Academy because we have thought of almost everything:

          • Trainings

          • Experts

          • Living Room

          • Support

          • Coaching

          It’s our goal to have it in one place for you - for the lowest price it’s ever going to be. And the best part? You get to stay in the GC bubble - which, for a lot of people, is their happy place.

          You might be wondering






          If you know you’re ready to go deeper and implement GC in your everyday life, there is no place better for you than GC Academy.

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